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    Montreal Movers

    Movingo is a professional moving company. We employ skilled, professional and experienced movers with expertise in every kind of moving scenario. Our customer service team will answer all your questions. We strive to provide economical, efficient moving services to our customers. Whether you need a residential or commercial, short or long-distance move, let Movingo help you with your project. Our movers will do all the work for you.

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    Montreal Movers
    Montreal movers offer different services and varying levels of professionalism when conducting your move. Therefore, you need to choose the right moving company to get the best possible moving service.

    With so many Montreal movers, how do you go about picking the right moving company? Well, you must research the moving companies, get written estimates, work with a licensed mover with all credentials to cover different areas and don’t forget to check their customer service history.

    Many people make bad decisions due to wrong advice or they cut corners to save a few dollars. Failure to plan correctly or choosing the wrong movers is a sure way to turn your move into a nightmare. This article highlights some of the things that you should consider to pick the right moving company in Montreal for your next relocation project.

    Montreal Movers Researching Tips

    Don’t make the mistake of relying on your close friends or relatives for recommendations when looking for a Montreal moving company. This is just as bad as randomly selecting any moving company that you find on the internet. You need to sit down and research any moving company recommended to you.

    The following is how to research a moving company:

    Researching Montreal Movers Online

    Search “Montreal Moving Companies” on the internet and we guarantee that you’ll see hundreds if not thousands of options. One thing is for sure any moving company that you set your eyes must go through thorough research, but this should not take forever.

    Use Google search to find potential Montreal movers. Go through the website and look at the moving services that they are currently providing and in what areas/regions.

    This will make it easy for you to narrow down on the right option because some movers might not offer the moving service that you are looking for.

    Read the Montreal Movers Company’s Online Reviews

    Many people choose to leave an online review when they work with a particular company, in moving and other fields.
    Look at different review sites for each potential Montreal mover before making your last call.

    Reputable review sites include Google and Yelp. For Yelp, key in the name of each moving company you consider and find the latest reviews especially the ones that mention the exact moving service that you are looking for.

    Google My Business is a great place to get honest reviews and referrals. A legitimate Montreal moving company should have a rating on Google My Business. It is a red flag if your preferred moving company doesn’t have this rating because they might be hiding something, or they might not even exist.

    By following this process, you will get the reviews that touch on this particular mover’s recent work.

    Competent Montreal Movers Provide an In-House Estimate

    Your preferred mover should come to your place and take an inventory of the items that you want moved to give you the correct estimate.

    An in-house estimate is better than an online estimate because it takes into account all items in your home or office.

    Many Montreal movers prefer to give an online estimate through an online form. If this is the case, check whether there is an option to send them videos or photos of the items. The mover will use the media files to give you an exact moving quote.

    Remember to raise any issue that you have with the moving estimate during this time. If you wait until the move is complete, the mover might not refund you leading to a negative experience for both parties.

    Ask your mover to explain all the details so as to stay on the same page.

    The best movers in Montreal should not charge you for the estimate and you should pay once the move is completed.
    Ask your mover if there are any extra charges based on the items you want moved. Some movers have hidden fees and will not tell unless you ask.

    The extra fees that you should expect include:

    • Moving items up and down the stairs
    • Moving items via an elevator
    • The distance covered while moving the items if the movers have to park at a distance
    • Moving bulky items like a piano and large furniture
    • Using the moving company’s moving supplies

    Review Time

    Go through all the documentation that you have agreed on with your mover including the contracts. Do not put pen to paper on anything that you haven’t read and understood or you might bind yourself to a really bad contract. So, go through all the details and make sure that you understand the contract down to the last detail.

    Get all the details and documents in writing to stay on the right track on moving day.

    Check the Company’s Payment Options and Cancellation Policy

    A reputable Montreal moving company should accept all payment options. If the moving company states that it only accepts cash, stay away as this is a definite red flag.

    When it comes to the cancellation policy, you should have the freedom to cancel your move a few days before the moving date and get your deposit back.

    Local Numbers are Key for Your Montreal Movers

    A competent moving company in Montreal should have local numbers listed on their website, listings and social media pages.

    How Professional Montreal Movers Handle Your Move

    As stated before, moving is stressful and the only way to avoid this stress is by choosing a professional moving company. Whether you’re looking for a home or office move, work with a company that has a proven track record moving homes and businesses in Montreal.

    Handle Your Items with the Utmost Care

    The right team of Montreal movers should have the skills and experience to handle fragile items including those that you can’t put a price on.

    Your items should be handled with care and this includes wrapping them, providing more moving pads to laying a protective bubble inside the moving truck.  

    Pack Your Items the Right Way

    Packing is an important part of safely securing your belongings for transport. Packing comes with experience and it is only the ones with the skills, experience and proper equipment that can pack your items in a box and safely transport them in a truck.

    There are no shortcuts when it comes to packing and doing it perfectly is the only way.

    Respect Your Home or Office Space

    Whether you are leaving your old home or office to move into a new area, you need a moving team that respects your old space.

    What do we mean by this?

    A skilled moving team will not damage any part of your old home or office space, leave footprints on your carpet or tire tracks from the hand carts on the floor. The best Montreal movers handle all your items, your home and office space with care.

    Any mover can pick up furniture, pack your items in boxes and haul them in a trailer. But moving with a professional Montreal mover gives you a well-handled relocation service.

    You should trust your movers with your home valuables, confidential office documents and expensive equipment.
    Understand the difference between regular movers and professional Montreal movers and keep in mind that the cheapest option is not always the best one.

    Professional Montreal Movers Use Modern Tools

    You need a moving company that shows up on moving day well equipped with modern moving tools.

    Moving tools such as dollies, stair rollers, ropes, straps, etc. must be in top-notch condition. 

    The right team of professional movers show up with quality moving items to handle all aspects of the move.

    Carefully Plan and Execute the Move

    A low-level moving company does not have a team of movers who can complete a move successfully. Such a team will show up on your premises and haul your items inside the truck without a plan. This complicates the move because offloading will not be easy, also your items stand a real chance of getting ruined.

    However, a reputable company will check every room or office space and pack the heavy items as the base. After loading the heavy stuff, they will move on to the less heavy items and so on. This makes it easy when unloading once you get to your new destination.

    If you get a low-level moving company, you get a low-level moving service. With professional Montreal movers, you get top moving services. Take time to know your movers because it will get costly for you if you get it wrong.

    Experienced Montreal Movers Maintain a Professional Appearance

    Skilled Montreal movers know what it means to show up on the big day dressed for the occasion. They will not show up in suits and ties but they will look professional, groomed and well-kept.

    If you know exactly what you expect from a moving company, settling on the right moving company in Montreal can be easy. Use these helpful tips and you will get the right mover.

    We are Reliable and Efficient Montreal Movers

    Regardless of the moving service that you are looking for, you should hire movers who have a proven track record especially when it comes to protecting items.

    Movingo is committed to handle all your items with the utmost care and offer you a professional move. We pledge to give you special care to make sure that none of your items get even a single scratch.

    With Movingo, you get:

    • Efficient and reliable local and long-distance moves
    • Specialized moves for large items such as pianos, pool tables, antiques, and bulky furniture.
    • Safe packing of all of your items using state of the art protection tools
    • Free quotes and consultation for residential and commercial moves
    • Fully equipped moving trucks
    • Short-term and long-term storage options
    • Wardrobe boxes
    • Furniture cover protection
    • Padded blankets
    • Mattress covers
    • Moving dollies
    • Insurance (zero deductible)
    • The best Montreal moving customer service

    We Understand Montreal and the Surrounding Areas Better than Anyone Else

    Call us if you need a local mover who can easily navigate Montreal and the environs with ease for both residential and commercial moves. We will relocate you in no time and without any problem.

    Fast Response Time

    Our Montreal movers are available for all your queries at any time during working hours. We will answer all your questions and send someone over to assess your belongings and give you an instant quote. Our moving assessors will also give you an estimate if you have a special or custom move. We guarantee that we will send your confirmation details within 48 hours.

    Affordable Montreal Movers

    Movingo is the only moving company in Montreal that provides quality moving services at pocket-friendly rates. Our moving prices are fair and we don’t have any hidden charges.

    Specialized Moving Equipment

    We understand the intricacies of moving and this is why we keep our moving items up-to-date. Every one of our moving trucks comes equipped with different types of moving dollies (2 and 4 wheels), industry-grade pads and wraps and GPS tracking.

    Customized Moves

    We have anything that you need to give you a moving experience that tics all your boxes. Simply tell us what you want and we guarantee that we will get it done.

    Finding the right Montreal movers for your commercial or residential move is crucial and this determines whether your move is successful or not. Movingo is up to the task and will give you a seamless move to your new place.

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