MovinGo is operating and considered essential during Covid-19. We are closely following all federal and local government guidelines and also we are updating our safety practices according to the recommendations of the health organisations. We ensure our commitment to our customers and provide necessary safety measures as well as ensuring extra steps during these challenging times. Our Covid-19 precautions include-

  1. All our movers are provided with gloves and masks to protect everyone from the spread of the virus.
  2. We make sure that before our movers arrive at your destination, they are questioned for any symptoms of COVID-19 Symptoms, and along with that we also check their temperature via thermometer on a daily basis for your completely security.
  3. After every move, our trucks and all the equipment are disinfected against any virus or bacteria.
  4. We ensure utmost cleanliness of our movers and instruct them to follow clean measures such as washing their hands frequently and properly, maintain safe distance wherever possible, also we monitor that they use hand sanitizers as well, before and after each move.
  5. We realize that personal and family safety is our customers priority and thereby we take complete responsibility to be highly alert during this pandemic with the safety measures taken appropriately to provide citizens with safe and secure move to their destination.

We aim to be good example for our customers who are sceptical about the safe move during this problematic times and make their move a pleasant and safe experience.

Unfortunately this pandemic was an unforeseen situation and we are optimistic that our lives would come back to normal in the near future. It’s a tough time for everyone and many obstacles would arrize before the happy times but on our part we will serve you in the best way possible during these challenging times and our motive is to help and give hope to each other. MovinGo wishes everyone health and prosperity.

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