Canada long distance movers go above and beyond to get you safely to your new place regardless of the distance covered. There are few events in life that are stressful than long distance moving in or out of a busy city like Canada and this is why you shouldn’t choose just any moving company.

What should you look for in Canada long distance movers? Before settling on any moving company that you come across on the internet, its best to see what their customers are saying about the service. Checking the reviews of any company moving in Canada gives you first-hand information on what their customers experienced and this will help you make an informed decision.

So, why should you pick West Island Movers for your next long-distance move? We are the only relocation company in Canada that simplifies this sort of move.

With 15 years of experience in the long-distance moving industry, we know how to give our customers exactly what they want. We use the latest moving gear, highly trained movers who adhere to all safety regulations and friendly customer service to give you the finest service.

Our Canada long distance movers go the extra mile to give you an unforgettable move.

We have all types of moving trucks up to 26 feet to help you with big and small moves. Also, loading and unloading is a breeze for our highly trained staff as well as moving furniture and art pieces.

Even when moving bulky items like pool tables and pianos, our staff can move them without damaging the floors.

The process of hiring your Canada long distance movers doesn’t have any shortcuts. As the person whose items are going to be moved, you have to do all that’s necessary to hire a good removal company.

Moving Service from Canada to Toronto

Looking to move from Canada to Toronto? If so, then you must opt for Montreal Movers who’ll provide the right kind of service to evade any kind of disappointment.

Moving to or from these two cities counts as a long-distance move that sums to a driving distance of 542 KM.

Therefore, you need the services of Canada long distance movers who understand all the workings of such a move.

This is not the sort of move that you can rely on your friends and family to help you out with. As much as they need to help, they do not understand the risks involved in moving long-distance, or how to handle the unexpected.

You need to book the services of Canada long distance movers who offer the following:

  • A flat moving rate without any hidden charges
  • Free consultations
  • Affordable moving quotes
  • Quality long distance moving from Canada to Toronto
  • Office, student, commercial, residential and piano moving services
  • Reliable, honest and experienced movers
  • Full packing and unpacking services
  • Disassembly and assembly of all types of furniture and pianos
  • Insurance (zero deductible)
  • Mattress covers, padded blankets and moving dollies
  • Single-use plastic protection for bedding
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Furniture protection covers

On top of these services, you should also get the following:

  • Canada residential movers who are available to sort out all your long-distance home removal needs. This service incorporates all other services you can expect from a competent removal company.
  • Moving commercial movers to relocate businesses of all sizes across the two cities.
  • Canada student movers who have all the solutions for students including discounts for affordable relocation.
  • Canada office movers to relocate businesses fast to ensure continuity of operations.

Moving Service from Canada to Quebec

The distance between Canada to Quebec is about 233 KM or 145 miles, and this makes it a long-distance move.

Quebec and Canada are two vibrant cities that are rich in culture, architecture, and history. They also share the same culture and you should choose a moving company that respects what these two amazing cities have to offer.

There are many Canada long distance movers between Canada and Quebec and we have featured a few on our Top 10 Canada movers list.

However, whether you are relocating for personal or professional reasons, you should hire a company that’s used to the Canada to Quebec road.

The right company understands that moving isn’t stressful and should help you plan and execute correctly.

Your preferred Canada long distance movers should pack all your items, and unpack them once you get to your new place.

Whether you’re in the hunt for Canada piano movers, or a moving company to move your large furniture, choosing Movingo guarantees the safety of your stuff.

If you don’t plan on moving in on the same day, you’ll be glad to know that we have storage options for all your items.

We will take care of all your belongings and deliver them once you give us the go-ahead and we’ll do so professionally and within the deadline.

Moving into Quebec should be a great adventure for you and we want you to enjoy all the way. Quebec is fifth on the list of the happiest places to live in Canada and we want you to be happy too with our moving service.

Choose the right moving company from Montreal to get you to your new Quebec home or office.

Long Distance Moving Companies in Canada 

Montreal long distance movers come in different shapes and sizes and, therefore, you have a lot of choose from.
One of the main factors that you should look at is service affordability because Montreal long distance movers offer different services.

Our moving charges are as follows:

Country Type of Move Charges
Canada Montreal to Quebec $950 – $1300
Canada Montreal to Toronto $1300 – $1800
Canada Montreal to Gaspe $2200 – $2800
Canada Montreal to Sherbrooke $595 – $850
Canada Montreal to Ottawa ou Gatineau $900 – $1200
Canada Montreal to Drummondville $550 – $750
Canada Montreal to Mont-Tremblent $650 – $850
Canada Montreal to Trois-Rivieres $650 – $850

There are other factors that raise or lower the moving charges and they include:

Packing and unpacking – This is easy if you have friends and family that you can call over to help with packing. Also, you can hire a few people who will charge less than professional packers.

Getting rid of the stuff that you don’t need is a good way of lowering moving charges. If you have fewer items, you will get a smaller truck, meaning you won’t have to spend as much.

The best time to move is from late September to late April, a time where there is little demand for movers and the charges are low.

If you live in or moving in a high-rise building, the floor that you reside in has a direct effect on the amount that we’re going to charge, this is due to the equipment used and the time and effort directed towards the exercise.

Make it easy for our team to work for you by reserving a parking spot close to the building and engaging politely with them and we’ll show you our work ethic.