An important step in any residential move is the furniture moving and assembly process. When you’re setting up your new home, you might always need help to assemble some furniture, whether you’re starting fresh with new furniture or just relocating your favorite items. Movingo’s team of professional assemblers can help you guarantee all your furniture is assembled correctly and in a secure manner, at an affordable price.

Movingo provides a fast, efficient assembly service and our professional assemblers can handle furniture of any brand and any size. You can save a lot of time by hiring our team of home furniture assemblers and never having to worry about whether your item was constructed properly. You can also save time on your move by hiring professional assemblers to disassemble your furniture for an easier move.

You can hire our assemblers for a full disassembly/assembly service or simply to help you assemble some specific furniture after you’ve already moved. Our experienced, efficient home furniture assemblers will help you with any task with great pleasure.

Movingo provides home furniture assembly services in a comprehensive manner:

  • Libraries, computer furniture, home office furniture, cupboards, drawers, chests, wardrobes, beds, etc.
  • Kitchen furniture, all tables and chairs, all electronics
  • Gaming tables and pool tables
  • Home gym and fitness equipment
  • Garden equipment and patio furniture
  • Equipment (floor protectors, etc.) to protect your new place while we’re assembling everything

Movingo’s experienced assemblers can assemble furniture of any brand:

IKEA, Home Depot, Brault & Martineau, Bureau en Gros, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and all other companies.

Our flexible, affordable assembly service is available for you whenever you might need it: whether it’s right after moving or while you’re setting up other items after your move.

Movingo’s home furniture assembly experts offer you a high-quality, reliable, secure and efficient assembly service, all at a low cost. We’ll set up your new home so you can enjoy your new place as soon as possible! Call us today for a free quote!