When you’re moving your office, moving and assembling your furniture can be a complicated and long step. Whether you’re moving your whole office or just a few items of furniture, you can call on Movingo to help you out. Movingo’s team of professional office assemblers will ensure all your office equipment and furniture is assembled in the proper way so you don’t waste time getting back to business.

Movingo’s professional assemblers can handle furniture of any brand and any size. We adapt to any customer’s needs: we assemble furniture after offer whole office relocation, internal moves, or if you need the relocation and assembly of a few pieces of furniture, we can provide you with everything to answer your requests and needs.

You can hire our assemblers for a full disassembly/assembly service or just to help you assemble some specific furniture after your office has been relocated. Our efficient and experienced office furniture assemblers will help you with any office task. We can adapt to your schedule and organize the assembly service when it suits you: evening, night, weekend or any day off in the week you might have.

  • Movingo provides a wide range of office furniture assembly services:
  • Office space evaluation and floor planning
  • Office assembly for various businesses such as retail, bar, restaurant, etc.
  • Professional office furniture assemblers
  • Installation, reconfiguration and relocation of any piece of furniture
  • Assembly of workstations, cubicles, desks, etc.
  • Disconnection and reconnection of electronics and computer systems
  • Packing, unpacking
  • Equipment (floor protectors, etc.) to protect your new place while we’re assembling everything

Movingo’s experienced assemblers can help you with your furniture assembly within your office move, or at any point in time before or after your office move. Our assembly experts have performed assembly on all kinds of furniture and have the necessary experience with moving and assembly to guarantee you a hassle-free assembly service.

Movingo’s office furniture assembly experts offer you a high-quality, reliable, secure and efficient assembly service, all at a low cost. We’ll set up your office and minimize your business’ downtime, this way you can get back to business as soon as possible! Contact us today!