Before any move comes the packing process, which can be long and difficult depending on how many things you’re moving. Often, people underestimate the time it can take to pack and assume it’s easy to do quickly and well. But to ensure the safest and most efficient move, it’s important to let skilled movers and packers help you with this important step. Indeed, by hiring Movingo’s professional, affordable packers, you can save time and money, and most importantly, guarantee the safety of your belongings.

Movingo’s professional packers offer you a full packing service. Indeed, we will not simply pack your items: we will make sure everything is secure and safe to guarantee the integrity of your belongings. Our professional packers have the skills and expertise as well as the methods and equipment necessary to ensure the safest conditions for your move. Letting our professional packers do the work for you will allow you to have peace of mind regarding the safety of your things and save time and resources.

Movingo’s packers are also professional movers, and they have your move in mind all the while they’re packing your things. This way your move is guaranteed to go as smoothly as possibly with the help of our professional, skilled packers and movers. They have received extensive training and their experience allows them to handle any packing and moving scenario, as complicated as it could be.

Our professional packers offer a wide range of services and materials, including:

  • Boxes, wardrobe boxes, wraps (plastic, bubble), blankets, etc.
  • Packing of: furniture, appliances, electronics, paintings, kitchen items… any item you might need to move!
  • Upholstered furniture covered with plastic protection and blankets
  • Fragile items such as artwork and mirrors packed extra carefully with blankets and cardboard boxes
  • Fragile dishes (porcelain/China) separated with newspapers, packed with paper and placed tightly in fitted boxes

Movingo caters to different budgets by offering various services:

  • Full packing service (if you wish to simply rent a truck for a long-distance move)
  • Full packing and moving service
  • Full packing, moving and unpacking service

Movingo’s packers offer you an unpacking service so that at the end of your move, you don’t need to worry about extra work after an already big day. You can admire your new place and let our packers/movers know how you would like your belongings arranged.

Let Movingo’s professional, skilled packers do the work for you as you prepare for your move with us. Call us today to schedule your move: we’ll get all your belongings packed and take great care of your items.

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