Canada last minute movers help customers who are looking for a same day move or a short notice move. Moving is tough, but things can get thick real fast when you have to move in a hurry.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry because many people, just like you, find themselves in this situation. But the good thing is, there are plenty of Canada local movers who are more than ready to help you.

So, what are the main reasons why you might find yourself looking for last-minute Canada Moving

  • Your mover might cancel on you on moving day
  • You might get a job that requires you to move instantly
  • Your living situation may suddenly change
  • You might get a family emergency that requires you to move on short notice
  • Your living area might experience a natural disaster or eviction

Anyone can experience these and many more reasons that need the intervention of canada last minute movers. whatever your reason, Movingo is here to get rid of the stress and help you move with ease.

You can count on us to relocate you with ease by giving you a last-minute move that gets rid of all your moving worries.

As our client, we understand that you have a life to live and more important things to take care of, this is why we are more than ready to take this problem off your hands. We will organize a short notice move that helps you move efficiently and as fast as possible.

Whether its night-time or very early in the morning, just pick up the phone and book our top rate last-minute moving services.

Last Minute Moving Company Canada 

Canada residents have busy schedules and without proper planning, your last-minute move might experience delays. Our movers are dedicated and can craft a last-minute move within 24 hours and this is what we do for businesses and people in Canada .

As a company that has handled thousands of last-minute moves, we understand what you might be going through. This type of move is stressful and can make you feel anxious and helpless.

However, don’t allow stress to pull you down, call us and we will take care of everything.

The following are some of the reasons you should entrust us with your short notice move:

  • have a zero deductible insurance cover
  • We offer packing and unpacking services
  • Take apart and install furniture
  • We provide furniture protection covers
  • Wardrobe boxes are available
  • Local and long-distance moving
  • Disposable plastic protection for your beddings
  • We also provide moving dollies; mattress covers and padded blankets

On top of these services, there are three main characteristics that you should look for before you pick a Canada last-minute mover, and they include:

Honesty – there are many dishonest moving companies in Canada that won’t hesitate to take advantage of you in this tricky situation. Do not allow this to happen, call an honest, tested and proven last-minute moving company like Movingo.

Offer a fast and safe moving service – do not hire a moving company that works fast but does not show great care for your stuff. A competent moving company should guarantee the safety of all your belongings.

Affordability – just because a company is offering a last-minute moving service doesn’t mean that they should take advantage of you and charge you extra. Your preferred moving company should give you an affordable relocation service.

Emergency Same Day Moving

When it comes to booking a Canada last minute movers move, many people settle for just any mover but this is a huge mistake.

Because you might end up losing some of your items to theft or breakages due to poor handling.

There are decent same day movers in Canada who will give you a great experience in this dire situation. Emergency same day moving services offer you proper management to move you and goods in the right way.

Some of the services include:

Canada Office moves – last-minute commercial moves need proper planning and execution because any delays can result in great losses for your company. Whether you own a small business or a large company with over 100 employees, a competent mover will help you move even on short notice so you can get back to your daily operations.

Furniture moving – people who are curious enough might try to take apart their favorite piece of furniture for easy transportation but the fact is, such a task usually ends in tears. The furniture might be ruined especially if you lack the skills to do it right. It’s for this reason that you need to contact the professionals to do it for you. Skilled furniture movers will know how to take apart different types of furniture and then install them once you get to your destination. This also applies when you want Canada piano movers to help you out even ins short notice.

Loading and unloading – this is a great service especially for those looking for Canada student movers or Canada senior movers. We are widely known as the masters in loading and unloading of all your stuff and hauling them off safely in our moving trucks.

Urgent Movers

You’ve come to the right place if you need movers who will help you move into a new home, apartment or office on the same day. Our team of professional Canada residential movers will show up with a spacious moving truck and all the equipment to move your urgently.

We appreciate that there is no time to waste when dealing with a last-minute move. Our skilled team of movers will keep you posted at all times during the move, they will also give you the expected time of arrival and give you an estimate for all moving services.

Our team comes highly recommended by many Canada residents who have experienced our superior moving services. We are familiar with the nature of short notice moving in Canda and we work within your unique needs to give you a moving service that meets all your expectations.

We also have last-minute storage facilities for those who need to move out in a hurry but haven’t found the right place to settle. Our team will come to your premises, pack all your items and store them safely. This service is great for anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they need urgent storage facilities.

Choosing moving companies Canada can be a tough task due to the presence of dishonest movers who should never be trusted with your relocation project. Unscrupulous movers will spoil your move and leave you in a tight mess.

Check our list of top 10 movers in Canada who will help you with any move that you’re looking for, even under 24 hours.

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