When the customer agrees for hiring Movingo for their move through the initial phone conversation, We require the customer to send us their First and last name, pick up and destination address with postal codes and phone number, lastly the date of the moving along with the email address, once we have received the information, we send confirmation email within the next 24 hours that states the confirmation of their moving job with our company.


If due to any circumstances the customer needs to cancel the job, we require a minimum 14 days notice, If its less than 14 days then the client would automatically lose the deposit which is non-refundable. If we are informed 14 days earlier than we would offer solutions on our part to the given problem, by either rescheduling the date of the move or time, however if rescheduling does not fix the issue then the Job can be cancelled, but the deposit would still be non-refundable.


All the items and goods of our customers are insured by the Cargo and liability insurance. Apart from the insurance, the furniture will be wrapped and delivered
safely to protect any damages in the first place. If by any chance any damage occurs during the move, Our company will take charge of it immediately. However if it has happened after the move was completed, the customer has 48 hours to claim the damages, After the 48 hours company is not responsible and will not take any responsibility of damaged items.


Moving is difficult job and needs to be handled with responsibily. it’s really important to make good environment for movers. We kindly request our customers to be friendly and accommodating with moving process, to make it easier for the movers.


The customer is responsible for booking the elevator on the day of the move. If somehow the client forgets or had not booked the elevator, this would result in the move requiring more time and the costumer is fully responsible for this consequence.


Includes the following items but not limited to the mentioned items:

1) Propane tanks

2) Hazardous materials

3) pets

4) Confidential documents such as passport or any identity documents

2) Gold or any expensive Jewlery.

It’s the customers responsibility to tell the movers if there is any of those items.


It’s the customer’s responsibility to inform the company of any presence of bugs or cockroaches in the place. If the movers aren’t informed and they happen to come across bugs and cockroaches during the move, then our movers will leave immediately, and a minimum charge of 3 hours would be charged regardless. MovinGo has a right to cancel the job if the condition of the job is unsafe and is deemed dangerous for movers to continue with the moving process.


As soon as the movers arrive at your place and start the moving process, the charging time begins. However there is an additional fee for travel time which mostly is 1 hour charge, but depending on the distance the charge may differ due to the kilometres. Since moving is a difficult task and if you are pleased with the service provided by our movers, Gratuities are appreciated. We charge a minimum of 3 hours in total, which means 2 hours minimum for the labor and one hour travel time.

Payment will be charged only after the job will be completed. But in some situations we can ask the customer to pay before we have finished the moving, however it happens very seldom and in circumstances where the costumer is not cooperating, disrespecting or not accommodating with the movers. Another example would be before unloading the truck we ask the client to pay all amount up front.

Payment can be done with cash MasterCard visa interact transfer.

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