Piano Moving Company in Montreal

MovinGo is a full-service piano moving company, and we’re a team you can count on to move your piano or organ and other bulky specialty items. No job is too big or too small for our professional Montreal movers, and we guarantee to give you the best moving service.

We are the best moving company and moving pianos is what we are good at. Whether you want your prized piano temporarily removed from your apartment, condo, or home while you renovate or transported for an event or a change in ownership, our moving professionals will take care of everything.

Our skilled moving team can even advise you on preparing your piano before moving day while they use the equipment and experience to move it securely. As the best Piano moving service provider, we offer secure piano transportation through temperature-controlled moving trucks and storage options.

Piano Movers requires skills and experience for proper execution, and this is where we excel as the top piano moving company. We know it’s not easy to move a big and, in most cases, an expensive item like a piano; however, our skilled Piano movers team is ready to help.

We have the right piano moving equipment and the know-how to move them, avoiding damage to the item or the property. Our team moves all pianos, including electric, upright, and grand pianos. MovinGo is the best South Shore, North Shore Moving Company, Montreal Moving Company, West Island Moving Company, and Laval Moving Company.

Contact us to book our office moving service, Commercial Moving Service, and Residential Moving Service.

Piano Moving Service

Best Piano Moving Service in Montreal
After years of moving pianos and other bulky items, we know that physical power alone isn’t enough to move a piano in Montreal. Executing a successful piano move requires skills, experience, and careful planning.

There are many piano moving companies in Montreal. but you shouldn’t place your precious item in the hands of an unproven moving company. The best decision you can make is to contact us to get the best Piano moving service in Montreal.

Never attempt to cut corners or DIY a piano move, or you’ll be left with premium tears. As the best Montreal piano movers service provider, we know what’s involved in moving such a large and prized asset. We have a team of moving experts who know the inner working of a piano.

Pianos are big but delicate items, so you should always hire an experienced piano moving company to handle everything. Our highly-rated piano movers team has the skills and experience to take care of them during packing, loading, transportation, and unloading.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a company with an unproven track record of successfully moving pianos. Our competent piano moving team has the skills and tools to properly move a piano even when you’re looking for a last-minute moving service.

We are also an economical moving company with the most affordable piano moving rates in Montreal. Let us move your piano when you want an affordable local moving service, and we guarantee to surpass your expectations.

Best Piano Moving Company

Piano Movers in Montreal
We are the most experienced Montreal piano movers, and we’re fully insured from when we show up at your doorstep to haul off the piano. Our skilled piano movers have years of experience in taking care of pianos every step of the way.

It doesn’t matter what type of piano you own, from digitals, spinets, studios, consoles, upright grand, or digital uprights, our team moves them all. We have the best piano moving equipment to move pianos up or down a flight of stairs, over pathways, and even through balconies. As a professional piano moving service provider, we take extra care not to scratch or damage your piano during relocation.

We’ll handle the piano carefully and deliver it to its destination just as we found it because we are the top musical instrument movers in Montreal.

Our team has what it takes to take care of you when you’re looking for a “moving service piano” in Montreal. We will assist you all the way to ensure your piano arrives at its new destination in mint condition.

You can leave your piano in our possession because we offer a 100% guarantee of piano moving excellence in Montreal and beyond. In addition, we have fully equipped moving trucks for long-distance piano moving services.

What’s more? We guarantee to give you the very best service when you book us to handle your moving, including a student moving service or senior moving service.

Best Piano Movers

Best Price Piano Movers Montreal
Moving a piano isn’t an easy process and requires much attention to detail from the part of the piano moving company. We are the best piano movers in Montreal, with thousands of successful piano relocation services. Our skilled piano movers thoroughly understand every move achieved through proper planning.

Our top piano movers will assess your piano, hallways, and stairways to develop the best piano moving process. They’ll also pay close attention to the size and shape of the piano and record any dents, scratches, or markings.

This is done for accountability and to make you feel confident about our piano moving service.

After assessing the piano, we’ll decide on the best pathway and the items to use during the move. The MovinGO Montreal moving team uses heavy-duty moving blankets to wrap the piano to protect it against the elements.

Our moving company has the best moving dollies for moving pianos to or from the moving truck, and we can even use a crane to lift the piano from the window or balcony.

The moving trucks are fully fitted with the best equipment for the safe transportation of your piano. Our skilled moving team will carefully secure the piano during the move. We use the same piano moving methods when we arrive at the destination, but our professional piano moving experts will go through the premises to identify new challenges. Check Video Gallery on YouTube.

We offer the best price piano moving service and promise to execute the move with great care, responsibility, and precision.